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What is PEACE OF HEART – from Ukraine with love?

It is a charitable NFT collection, supporting Ukraine and its citizens. All the funds raised in this charity event will be donated to the Ukrainian victims of the war – parents and children trapped in the war zone and those that were displaced. 

Our NFTs were created by digitising drawings made by Ukrainian children, through their experiences and emotions that they are faced with in this new, difficult reality.

Everyone who supports the fundraising will in return receive a unique NFT – a digital version of a drawing made by a child from Ukraine. 

The military conflict in eastern Ukraine has been ongoing since 2014. The residents of the region were forced to abandon their houses in search of shelter in other parts of the country. Humanitarian aid must be provided not only to those who have fled, but also to people who gave refuge to others. 

People had to forsake their previous lives – they have no jobs and no money to live on. They lack the most basic goods – food, warm clothes and hygiene products. The most vulnerable group are children, for whom the war is an extremely traumatic experience. They urgently require counselling and the opportunity to continue their studies and self-development. 

With the belief of the cryptocurrency community, we have created the “PEACE OF HEART” project in the world of NFTs. Every NFT-lover now has an opportunity to support Ukraine, together with us, where all donations will be allocated to aid civilian victims of the war in Ukraine.

This project has been organised and realised with the help of Polish Humanitarian Action, and it focuses on a group of well-known non-government organisations and companies operating in the new technology sector (e.g. blockchain and NFTs). 

We believe that the cryptocurrency and NFT community is ready to support our initiative and help Ukraine and its citizens.

NFTs stand with Ukraine!


Polish Humanitarian Action

Polish organisation of public benefit. Providing humanitarian aid in nearly 50  countries since 1992. PHA provides assistance to civilians suffering as a result of the armed conflicts, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters.

In Ukraine, PAH provides aid to satisfy most basic needs. PAH has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, and in 2015 PAH established a permanent mission there. PAH’s earliest activities were an immediate response to the crisis: they helped provide medical assistance and delivered food baskets, hygiene kits, blankets, sleeping bags and other bare necessities.

PAH’s top priority is to lend support to the most vulnerable groups: elderly people, women, and children. PAH is able to reach them thanks to our cooperation with local partners.

Currently, PAH provides consultations both at information centres and during outreach field visits. PAH provides legal counselling, social counselling, career mentoring, vocational courses, open meetings on entrepreneurship and psychological consultation.

PAH is involved in long-term programmes intended to provide financial support for people in the greatest need. Monthly subsidies help these families buy food, warm clothes and other bare essentials which are best suited to their individual needs.

Moreover, PAH renovated water and sanitation infrastructure in public places (mostly children or seniors-related like hospitals or schools).


indaHash is an international influencer marketing platform which conducts campaigns globally using digital influencers. indaHash is also active in the crypto and NFT world, where it has created its own NFT platform called indaStars, which allows the creation and collection of digitally verified NFT signatures.


Ashoka is a global NGO that identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilises a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an “everyone a changemaker world.”


A crypto charity launch pad co-created by crypto-world professionals and real world change makers who want to use crypto as a way to support systemic change for common good.

Plan Be Eco

Plan Be Eco supports the process of achieving climate neutrality and carbon footprint reporting in a cost-effective way that does not require expert knowledge.



Onet is the biggest and the most cited news portal in Poland. For over 20 years it has been providing reliable information, acting as the selector, author, and guide across what’s important. It answers the needs of modern internet users, helping them to declutter the vast amount of news. For this reason, for a large number of Polish internet users, Onet is the first daily information source, which they can trust.

Tech To the Rescue

Tech To The Rescue bridges the gap between the tech and social world. TTTR is the biggest community of professional Tech teams that want to support Non-profits on pro-bono or low-bono basis. The aim of the organisation is to match those teams with vetted NGOs that need support.


GSS CERT is an international, voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction program that currently includes projects in the waste management and renewable energy production. It enables a company, services or products to be zero-emission.

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